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Join our Waitlist

Due to limited availability, I understand that I am being placed on a waitlist for lessons from Poco a Poco Piano Studio. I have notified the Studio of my desired weekly lesson day and time. I understand the longevity of the teacher-student relationship and understand that the student who currently occupies my desired time slot may not terminate lessons for several months, years, or not at all.

The Studio will contact me if and when my desired time slot becomes available, at which point I will have the opportunity to audition, and if admitted, pay the enrollment fee and begin lessons. I understand that prospective students ahead of me on the waitlist will be contacted before me.

If I no longer wish to remain on the waitlist, I will notify the Studio in a timely manner via email or phone. I understand that removing myself from the waitlist forfeits my desired time slot, and that if I choose to rejoin the waitlist in the future, I will be placed at the end of the list and not where I was previously.

If adding multiple students to the waitlist, please only submit one student per form.

Thank you for joining our waitlist!

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