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Private Lessons

Limited Availability - Audition Required

30 minute and 60 minute lessons offered.

Please join our waiting list to be invited to audition!

Private Lesson Policies

Enrollment Auditions

When applying to join the Studio, students are required to audition for the teacher. There is no fee to book an audition. Auditions may only be booked by invitation while the Studio is currently accepting new students. If the Studio is not currently accepting new students, prospective students will be added to a waiting list. Siblings of current students will be required to follow these same policies if they wish to join the Studio.


Prospective students are asked to prepare 1-2 pieces of music at their current experience level. At the audition, they will perform their 1-2 pieces of music and should be ready to answer questions about their musical background, practice habits, and interests. There will also be a discussion of how to proceed if admitted in order to best tailor the prospective student’s musical progress and meet the standards of the Studio. No shows or late arrivals may be asked to reschedule or be taken off the waiting list. Admittance into the Studio is solely at the teacher’s discretion. Prospective students may not reenter the waiting list if not admitted.



A one-time enrollment fee of $20 will be charged for new students. If enrolling multiple students, a $20 fee is assessed for the first student and $15 for each subsequent student. Enrollment break of four months or more will be charged the enrollment fee upon return.


Tuition is paid on a monthly basis whether or not all classes are attended. Tuition is calculated by the number of scheduled weekly lessons, according to the studio calendar and notification by the student/parent/guardian of absences in advance. All tuition payments are final and lessons not taken for any reason are forfeited. The only exception to the calculated monthly tuition will be dates that the studio is closed, in which case the student/parent/guardian will not be billed for lessons during the closure. Please see our calendar on our website for days we are closed. The studio will also send notifications in advance of closures.


Access to the Better Practice application, which is mandatory for all students of the Studio, will be billed as a monthly materials fee of $5 per student. Tuition does not cover the cost of books and additional lesson materials. Purchase of necessary books and lesson materials will be facilitated by the Studio and reflected accordingly on invoices as an additional materials fee.


Tuition for the month is due between the 1st-10th of the month. Payments received on or after the 11th of each month will assessed a $5 late fee. Failure to consistently pay tuition on time can result in the possible loss of your weekly time slot and/or dismissal from the Studio. Payments can be made by check payable to “Valerie Boizelle” or online using the link generated from the invoice.



Students are expected to arrive alert and on time in order to be productive. Late arrivals will not be entitled to the full length of their lesson as students are often scheduled back to back.


When a student cannot attend their regularly scheduled lesson, notice of cancellation must be given to the Studio by 9:00am sharp on the day of the lesson in order to receive a make-up lesson. Any cancellation after 9:00am sharp on the day of the lesson will be considered an unexcused absence, and a make-up lesson will not be issued. This includes cancellation due to illness.


Any make-up lessons must take place within a month of the absence. Credit to the future tuition charges will not be applied in lieu of a make-up lesson. In the event that the Studio cancels a lesson, that student will be entitled to a make-up lesson or credit for future tuition. For students 18 years and under, cancellation of a lesson must be given by parent/guardian. To cancel or reschedule a lesson, please call/text (503)320-7486 or email


“Three Strike” Policy

The Studio follows a “Three Strike” policy in regards to dismissal from the Studio. This is to encourage a committed and consistent relationship between the student, parent/guardian, and the Studio. A strike may be issued because of, and is not limited to, any of the following reasons:

  • consistent failure of the student to practice between lessons

  • multiple and/or consistent tardiness or absences

  • failure to adhere to the agreed upon Studio policies

  • lack of communication with the Studio when required

  • damage to the instrument(s) or any Studio property

  • inappropriate and/or confrontational behavior by any party

  • consistent failure to pay tuition on time or at all


If a strike is issued by the Studio, the student and/or guardian will be notified by email. An accumulation of three strikes will result in dismissal from the Studio. Please see Terminating Lessons below.


Studio Activities

Respectful and appropriate behavior is expected from students and their parents/guardians during all Studio activities, including lessons, workshops and recitals. Parents/guardians have the option to observe their children during lessons. The Studio reserves the right to dismiss observers who present frequent distractions that impede the success of the lesson. Due to the limited seating during workshops, parents/guardians and other guests may be asked to wait in another area.


Students and observers are prohibited from entering areas such as bedrooms, closets, kitchen, garage and yards unless otherwise instructed. For the safety of all parties, playing or roughhousing in the Studio, including the front or back yard, is prohibited. In the event of accidental injury or harm, possibly due to the disregard of these policies, the Studio will not be held liable.


The Studio’s piano will be handled carefully and safely at all times. Students will be instructed in what is or is not appropriate when in contact with the instrument. Under no circumstances will food or drink be placed on or come near the piano. Any repairs needed because of damage due to improper use of the piano by a student will be paid by the student or their parent/guardian. Please keep in mind that this unique instrument is worth more than $40,000.


Terminating Lessons

All that is needed to stop taking lessons is to email before the end of the current month. If you terminate lessons after the 1st of the month, you will be responsible for that month’s tuition.


Poco a Poco Piano Studio reserves the right to discontinue lessons and services with any student. Terminated students will be notified, unenrolled from both the Studio and Better Practice App, and reimbursed for any remaining prepaid lessons. Dismissed students may not reenter the waiting list or audition again.


Picking Up

Children must wait for their parents/guardians to pick them up inside the Studio. Poco a Poco Piano Studio assumes no responsibility for children who leave unaccompanied.

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