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Little by little great musicians are formed

My daughter already had reservations about learning to play the piano, as she gets frustrated easily when learning something new. Ms. Valerie was very patient and nurturing, yet she would encourage my daughter to push herself to achieve more. I would find my daughter trying to “impress” Ms. Valerie each week by practicing and showing off her new skills. My daughter has learned so much in a short period of time and now loves playing the piano.

Ms. Valerie is a talented pianist and a teacher with a lot of patience. She makes the class fun and rewarding; My teenage son absolutely loves and looks forward to her lesson every week.

We were so lucky to find Miss Valerie! She is warm and patient, and taught them great music in a short period of time. Valerie is meticulous in the good sense of the word and never starts a new assignment before she makes sure the student masters the necessary skills. She knows how to motivate the children, while instilling and nurturing the love for music.  We heartily recommend Valerie as an amazing piano teacher.

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Valerie is awesome! She is so sweet and patient, and she immediately had great rapport with my then 6-year-old. She loves teaching kids, and this is really apparent in every one of her lessons. We initially started the year at a different studio where my daughter often felt frustrated and discouraged, but that completely changed once she started lessons with Valerie! Thank you Valerie for your patience, awesome teaching methods, and encouragement!


30 minute Private Lesson

Audition Required


Valerie Boizelle received her B.M. in Piano Performance with honors from the University of California, Irvine. She began her higher education in music at Brigham Young University, then transferred to be with her husband, who now has returned to BYU as a professor of physics and astronomy.

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She served as president and co-founder of the MTNA Collegiate Chapter at UCI and has competed and performed internationally. In her career, she has had the opportunity to study with Dr. Lorna Griffitt, Dr. Scott Holden, and Linda Barker, as well as perform for Edmund Battersby, Karen Shaw, Norman Krieger, Hans Boepple, David Dubal, and more. She has attended such festivals as the Indiana University Piano Academy and the Orfeo Music Festival in the Italian Alps, where she was awarded for her interpretation of the music of Béla Bartók. Ms. Valerie was a member of Millennial Choirs and Orchestra for eight years, in multiple states, and has participated in the recording of two of their albums in the Music Center at Strathmore(Washington, D.C.) and the historic Tabernacle(Salt Lake City, UT).

After successfully opening and running a robust piano studio in Texas, Ms. Valerie also became a certified Kindermusik instructor. She has experience teaching students as young as 2 and as young at heart as 82. She took a short break to move to Utah and welcome her daughter to the world. Now she is happy to continue running Poco a Poco Piano Studio in Spanish Fork, as she takes the greatest pleasure in teaching piano to all ages.

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